Seer King

Summary of Book 1

A group of freshly graduates officers from the academy of war was appointed to be the escort of Numantia's ambassador in Sayana, the capital of the country of Kait.
Little did they know, they was the planned scapegoat of a political assassination.
They instead rescued the victim, the ambassador, in the Sulem Pass; and proceed with their mission to escort him to Kait.
The ambassador turned out to be Laish Tenedos, a seer with both vision and magical prowess.

In Sayana, the officers discovered the treacherous people of Kait and their back-stabbing Achim Baber Fergana. During their stays, the officers help secure the Numantians who live in Sayana and discovered the Tovieti cult.
While they helped Baber Fergana during the coup of his own brother, Baber's attitude toward the Numantians did not change much. In the end, they retreated back to Numantia with the Numantian civilians trailing behind.

Hailed as the heroes of the Sulem Pass, the officers find themselves drowned in rewards and parties from the people of Numantia.
Called back to Nicias, the capital of Numantia, the heroes were promoted and transferred to the elite guards of the capital, the Golden Helms.

They all enjoyed their new postings, and the luxuries of Nicias…until they saw the darker side of the City of Lights.
The Tovieti has infiltrated most of Nicias, even into the upper class. They then started a revolution by burning the whole city and killing everyone that refused to join them.

Meanwhile, the heroes discovered the secret of the dragon's head mountain and met Latane, a great dragon from another plane.
Latane was contracted by the 7 sages to stay in Numantia and provide water for the land in return that she would get to enjoy watching the lives of all the creatures that live in it.

The dragon then blessed the heroes and sent them back to Nicias to quench the fire that is burning down the capital.

With the help of the heroes, Seer Laish Tenedos took over the leadership of the kingdom, after the untimely deaths of the Rule of Ten, which was caused by demon summoned by the Tovieti.

Tenedos then crowned himself and become the first emperor of Numantia for the past 300 years.



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